Sunday, January 2, 2011

Warming Embrace.

Lucidity Part 3 is on its way. I put this on my Facebook quite a while ago.

As he ran around as a little kid,
He didn't have a care in the world. 
All of his friends had parents that were seperated, but it was okay, because his were still together and happy. 

The kid got into middle school, had his heart broken multiple times, and the only one to help him was his Mom. She waited for him all day to come home from school to cry in her arms and she could make everything better just with her warming embrace. Whenever he came home with a bad day, she would make him hot chocolate with marshmellows, his very favorite. They would sit there and talk about everything, and she would make her boy smile. 

When the kid grew up and became a teenager, his parents fell out of love, and one day, the mom just... left. It killed her to leave the boy that she had raised, but it felt she needed to, because if she stayed with the husband, all they would do is fight in front of the boy. 

The mom spent two full years away from the boy, seeing him only time to time, barely keeping contact with the boy. The boy and his dad weren't too close, so he went to friends and girls for comfort. 

After two years away from his mom, the boy met a girl who took his heart and snapped it in two. He tried to talk to his dad, but his dad couldn't help. He just didn't have that embrace that his mom did. 

One day, while dealing with heartbreak, the Mom called to check on him. The boy, to take out his anger, yelled at his Mom, cursing and accusing her of abandonment. As much as the Mom tried to explain her reasoning, he never forgave her.

The boy never filled the hole in his heart. 

He kept good grades, graduated from college, and began a writing career. All he could ever write about were past experiences and fun times he had with his Mom before she left. The boy found a woman that was able to make him happy and forget all of the bad things he endured while growing up. As soon as he found that she could make him happy, the boy married her. 

Whenever the boy and his wife had troubles, he nearly considered going to his Mom, but he could never talk to her, because she was the reason for his insecurity and lack of trust to everyone around him.

The Mom, one day, dwelled over how much she missed her boy. She called her boy. The boy saw that she was calling, and didn't answer. She nearly cried when she was leaving her message, "hey son. I just wanted to say, I miss you with all my heart. give me a call sometime. I'm so sorry, for everything."

One day, the boy's wife had a baby girl. They couldn't decide on a name. It bugged them for quite a long time. About a month after the baby was born, the wife told the boy that she was no longer in love with him, and wanted a divorce. She did not take custody of the baby she had with the boy, knowing that the boy would be able to take care of the baby more than she could. It was an easy divorce, they remained friends, although the boy was still in love with her. 

The Mom heard from the Dad about the divorce, and she felt horrible, however, she saw the perfect opportunity to once again warm her boy with a loving embrace, so she went to a store near her son's house to get him something special, and got back in the car to begin driving to her son's house. 

She was so eager to see him. The boy's wife was gone, and although the boy was grown up, he would always be her son. Driving fast and not paying too much attention, she ran a red light, while a semi truck was driving full speed, coming from her left side. It hit her, glass broke and shattered everywhere. 

The boy, driving back from work, noticed there was a significant amount of traffic. Seeing the car, which very much looked like his mother's, he drove right up to the accident. He got out, forced the car door open, and pulled the mom out of the car. 

There were numerous lacerations from glass all over her arms, her neck, and her face. He held her in his arms, crying, and her last words before she left the earth were, "check the passenger seat." she smiled, and closed her eyes. 

The ambulance showed up and took her away from him, but they knew they couldn't save her. He sat there for a good amount of time, but he got up, and walked to his mothers car. 

In the passenger seat, sat a grocery bag. He grabbed the bag and gently opened it, and inside contained the only remaining passageway to his heart. Inside the bag, contained a box of hot chocolate, with marshmellows. He reached in the bag, grabbed the box, got back into his car, and drove home. 

There sat the baby, with the babysitter. The babysitter saw that the boy was upset, so she left without asking questions. The boy took his baby to the kitchen, and he enjoyed a warm glass of hot chocolate.

Looking at his baby, he named her after his mother. 

"Anne," He took a sip of hot chocolate, which mixed with the taste of tears. "Your name is Anne."


Anonymous said...

I love your stories.
BTW it's OP from the thread you posted on :\

Reign said...

i love every word you write!