Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After deep slumber on a Sunday night,
Waking up on a Monday was usually
The worst thing in the world.
I found myself designing shapes with
The paint blobs across the ceiling.
It was never the way to live.

But this morning, after yesterday,
After my dream, both involving you
The day ahead of me didn't look so bad.
I hope you're here to stay.

Waking up to get in the shower,
Floating through halls invisibly,
Staying the silent one
In the back of class;
My existence became more and more subtle.

Lately I have become this social butterfly,
My constant smiling and thoughts of you
Brings radiant color to my daily routine.
A life without harmony,
You sought to cease my monotonous essences.

The beautiful outweighs the bad,
The only sorrowful thought
Is the very thought of feeling so marvelous,
That the slight chance of the feeling fading is frightening.

The places I have always imagined of being
The feelings of euphoria and love
The dreams of success and happiness
The desire for daily spontaneous adventures
Finally feel easier to accomplish
With you by my side.

(Mr. Wright felt I needed to share this.)

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