Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the Nude.

(This is a short story I wrote for Creative Writing within an hour and a half, and frankly, it's pretty bad. I just wanted to see if I could write an entire story over the span of my class time. Enjoy. Well, as much as you can, at least.)
1.      Clean kitchen for Kate, for the sake of giving her a break when she gets off work.
2.     Turn off all lights; unplug everything from outlets in order to save money on the power bill.
3.      Check thermostat, make sure it’s on a cool temperature, Kate likes sleeping in the cold.
4.      Go upstairs, brush teeth, wash face, and head to bed.

Every night it’s the same routine. Kate and I are to the point in our relationship where every little thing causes us to fight, so since at this point I’m currently unemployed, I’ve just done whatever it takes to make her happy. All the little things are the most important, I suppose. Whenever she left for work tonight, we didn’t leave on the greatest of terms. She has yet to shoot me a text message or anything like that, and with the way Kate works, I can’t text her first. We have always played these games when we’re talking away from each other: If I text her first and apologize, she’ll think of me as a little bitch. Seriously. She’ll talk down to me like she has the upper hand in the relationship, and that’s what the entire relationship is: A game of dominance. Since her Mom passed away last year, she has been this bitch that feels she needs nobody. Her Mom hated me too, maybe that’s why Kate thinks so low of me. Her Mom, I swear, her last words were at me, because I was the only one in the hospital room while she passed away.
“I’ll be watching you.”
At this point I’m pretty confident that Kate doesn’t love me anymore, so right now, she DOES have dominance. I’m always sucking up to her in every little way possible that it’s become disgusting (see steps 1-4). She feeds off of me, I swear. Like she’s some sort of vampire. Huh. Maybe she IS a vampire. She’s always in the house during the day, but never eats anything. She’s always gone at night, probably feeding. She is perfectly fine with barely getting any sleep. She still looks like she just turned 21, beautiful and majestic, although she and I have aged 12 years since then…
Meh. Crazy thought. It’s been a long day, you know, not working and all. This whole unemployment thing has its ups and downs. The ups are: I don’t have to work while Kate has a steady paycheck that can pay all the bills and then some. I can walk around naked at night, which is quite beneficial to me, not wearing clothes and just letting it all hang out. Any other time if Kate were to see me sitting naked and lounged on the couch watching Scrubs, chances are, she probably wouldn’t be very happy, nor would there be even a slight hint of arousal. Now that I think about it, maybe that is something to try.
Note to self: Get naked and watch Scrubs tomorrow when Kate gets home.
The downs are… I get lazy. I procrastinate. It’s hard to find a job whenever I just got fired for my drinking problem. That’ll look good on my resume. “Hobbies: Watching Scrubs in the nude, sucking up to my girlfriend, drinking to decrease the pain of my girlfriend and increase the pleasure of watching Scrubs naked.” Whenever I do start looking for a job, I’ll definitely need to find different ways to impress the employer.
SO. Anyways. I grabbed myself some whiskey and went upstairs to our bedroom, you know, the one we barely share anymore because of her night shifts and my non-existent ones. We have a nice, king sized bed decorated in pillows. Kate has some sort of obsession with pillows. Whenever Kate steals all the blankets (which is every damn night, I swear) I find myself covered with pillows. We have:
·         Many decorative pillows.
·         A Dakimakura pillow, a hugging pillow popular in Japan.
·         A Guling pillow, a hugging pillow originating in Indonesia.
·         An Abrazador pillow, which is an even LONGER hugging pillow from the Philippines.
·         Two husband pillows.
·         And a bunch of other random shit that ends up in the closet because it won’t fit on our bed BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY DAMN PILLOWS.

I turned on the TV and watched a bit of some show, too lazy to hit the “info” button on the remote to find out what it was. I kept drinking and drinking until things got blurry, as they always do. I caught myself smiling, not able to process any complete unhappy thought. That’s what I love about being drunk. There’s barely any thinking, and if there are any thoughts, they’re incomprehensible and incomplete. The one thought I could process was that, since Kate won’t be in bed, I could strip down without her scolding me with disgust. So, and I’m sure at this point I’m coming off as repetitive; I took off my clothes and drank more.
Sadly, there was a comprehensive thought, and that was that after ten years of a relationship with Kate, we STILL aren’t married. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve proposed. Multiple times. She doesn’t believe in marriage. How do you not believe in marriage, exactly? Who the hell knows? If all women are this neurotic then there’s no hope for us men. If we can’t marry, and all we do is fight, what the hell are we doing together? That’s what all of my friends ask, and I’m sure all of her friends ask her the same thing. My own relationship disgusts me more than my beer gut. Screw this; I’ll go join a nudist colony.
All these random thoughts aside, all I remember from this point on is black. I must have passed out. I could hear things in the background so I felt I was still awake, but at the same time, I couldn’t see anything. I could hear Kelso’s voice from That 70’s Show, and at some point later, Jimmy’s from Raising Hope. I wanted to wake up and watch the shows, but all I could do was chuckle at the voices, for I couldn’t see. I think I was dreaming WHILE I was watching the shows because I was definitely seeing things. I could see the entire room in black, but one corner especially more black than any of the others.
In my blackout, what I was seeing was either totally real or totally not, but right next to the closet (which I forgot to close) was this black figure. My mother used to always tell me to close my closet, or I will have disturbances while I sleep. I’ve always been afraid of open doors leading to darkness at night. It was foggy, too, it seemed there was a mist floating off of the figure and slowly evaporating. This organism, I swear, had its black figure, but bright yellow cat-like eyes. It stared at me with the biggest, stretched out eyes, as if it was just as scared of me as I was of it. It started floating toward me, but then it stopped and let out this frightening shriek, and quickly floated into the closet and slammed the door. Conveniently, the slamming of the door woke me up to my front door actually slamming. Kate must be home early. The alarm clock said 4:04AM, but immediately turned off along with the television. The damn power was out again. This is the third time in the last week. I swear, all it takes is the slamming of a door and everything goes off.
So, I get up and throw on a robe, and go to the basement with a flashlight to fix the power. As I’m going down the stairs, I give my girlfriend a “Hey, baby. Go up to bed, I’ll meet you there in a second.” I get to the bottom of the staircase, and my basement is cluttered. There aren’t any ghosts or scary black figures, but just like I did as a little kid, I do what I need to do and book it up the stairs. When I get to the top, I notice the power STILL isn’t on, and I’m so drunk and tired that I don’t care enough to try again until the sun comes out.
I get upstairs, take off the robe and get back into bed, hoping to surprise Kate and have some 4:07AM relations. I get into bed, and I hear slow steps up the stairs. She must have had a long night, but that doesn’t surprise me. She always does. The door opens slowly, without any creaks or anything, and I can’t see her. From this bed its pitch black dark, so I can’t see anything.  She drops all of her stuff right on the floor of the entrance of the room, as she usually does.
I know it’s her, everything is okay.
I could vaguely see her, but from what it looks like, she’s taking off her work clothes, and she gets into bed. She lies there, and lifts up the blanket to see me, totally nude. She says nothing, so I cuddle up next to her and kiss (what I hope) was her neck, I couldn’t see a damn thing. Surprisingly enough, Kate kisses me back. It was an aggressive kiss, and next thing I know, she’s rolling on top of me and is continuing to kiss my neck while she’s taking off the remainder of her clothes.
I won’t go into detail, but what you think happened was exactly what happened. She rolls over, and we both go to sleep due to exhaustion. Finally, I got Kate to show some physical affection for the first time in about two months.
I wake up four hours later, and the sun is out. I reach my arm over to wrap it around Kate, but, she’s not there. I hear footsteps going down to the basement, so she must be fixing the power. I laid there for a good five minutes, and I don’t hear any flicking of switches to turn it back on, so I get in my robe and go straight to the top of the basement stairs.
“Kate? You okay?” I don’t get any response, and the way to the basement is pitch black. I didn’t want to go down there blind, so I went to the kitchen to grab a flashlight. Right there, just sitting there, is a letter that I clearly didn’t see the night before, from Kate.
“Hey. Just wanted you to know, after I get off of work, I’m going to my friend Betty’s house. I won’t be coming home. See you in a few days.”
I look back at the basement door, into the open doorway leading to total darkness, and I hear her mother’s voice.
“I’ll be watching you.”

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AlexBorn said...

I love this story so much!! I really wish it had an ending! maybe there is one but I just have to keep looking. But overall I love this story.